Żarówka car bulb Bec auto S2 leduri 6000K Zestaw 2 szt.

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Energy Economy Reduces energy consumption by 80%, high light efficiency, only 1/20 of the energy consumption of traditional halogen lamps. LED headlight bulbs reduce energy consumption by 80%, easy to install.

Plug&Play The plug fits perfectly with most 95% vehicles, all-in-one design, easy to install, you can finish the exchange in 10-15 minutes.

Strong heat dissipation Directional supercharged air cooling system + forced cooling with high-speed silent fan, 12,000 revolutions / minute, extremely fast heat dissipation, effectively extending the life of the light source up to 50,000 hours! And after many years of use, the light will still emit a strong light beam, the degradation of the light being very low!

5 Minute Easy Installation Designed according to the original car plug 1:1, without changing any original car part, just like replacing the original car bulb, plug it directly into the original car socket, perfectly compatible without any modifications!

Well-defined light There are no black spots or shadow areas, it will not blind oncoming traffic and it will not shine for other drivers. It can solve the flickering or error warnings of most vehicles! Waterproof&Safety IP68-The highest level of the connector's waterproof classification standard, you will not be afraid of the rainy day when your blub will be burned.