Pilot programowalny Superior 4in1 SLIM (4 urzadzenia)

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  • Kod EAN: 8054242080049
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program, software: https://superior-electronics.com/en/?ddownload=10263


- Smart PC Programmable Remote Controls featuring the best Database ever, over 260.000 codes in order to control every kind of audio/video device such as TV/TDT/SAT/DVD/BLURAY/PROJECTORS/SOUNDBAR/PC MEDIA CENTER, even major Hi-Fi. All brands, all functions of your original remote control included.

- Never obsolete thanks to daily updates. Personal assistance to develop personalized codes (ideal for Hospitality) supplied by our Help Desk Service. Superior Remote Controls are programmable in 3 simple steps, in less than one minute! Up to 4 different devices controlled at the same time thanks to a quality speedy chipset.

- Elegant crystal black shape and custom keyboard/logo possibility for special orders. Windows Compatibility. Programming requires Superior Usb-Programmer.