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Plug-In Mains Power and Energy Monitor. Measures voltage (V), Ampere (A), Watts (W), Volt-Ampere(VA), Hertz (Hz) and power factor (PF). Ideal to check how much power your appliances are consuming. Maximum current: 16A/ maximum power: 3680W.

Technical specifications:
• Power supply 240V AC 50Hz
• Max. load 16A, 3680W
• Voltage range 200-276V AC, accuracy +/- 0.5% max
• Current range 0.005-16A, accuracy +/- 0.5% max
• Power accuracy +/- 0.5% max
• Accumulative electric quantity range 0-9999.9kWh
• Frequency range 45-65Hz
• Clock accuracy max +/- 1minute per month
• Power cost • Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C
• Battery 3.6V NI-MH,Rechargeable battery