Pilot Uniwersalny SeKi Open 2 (433.92 MHz) (armepol)

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This 2-Channel RF Wireless Remote Control Duplicator can be used for cloning your original remotes for Cars, Garage Doors, Gate Doors and Alarm Systems etc. It's is a fixed frequency and fixed code remote cloner (433.92 MHz) for copying 99.99% common fixed and learning code remote controls.
Clone up to 2 remote signals from 2 different remotes!      
Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers so you always have a backup.

It's suitable for:

1. Vehicle central locking systems 
2. Garage doors 
3. Electronic gates 
4. Electrical appliances/Home automation i.e. lights
5. Car sunroofs 
6. Car/Motorbike alarms

Easy to use, the 2 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets,  car, home and garage.