Pasta Termoprzewodząca 1g GOLD HY610

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HY610 gold thermal grease specially produced for DIY,with 45% pure gold and
better heating performance than regular Thermal Grease .Your first choice heat material
with over clocking !


RoHS&PFOS&REACH appliant with SGS testing report.


Items HY610 Unit
Color Gold No
Thermal Conductivity >3.05 W/m-K
Thermal Impedance <0.073 0C-in²/W
Specific Gravity >2.48 g/cm³
Viscosity 1000 No
Thixotropic Index 380±10 1/10mm
Moment Bore Temperature -50~280 0C
Operation Temperature -30~240 0C



Silicone Compounds 30 %
Carbon Compounds 20 %
Metal Oxide Compounds 50