LG AKB72914066 (ic) HQ (armepol)

AKB72914276, AKB72914050, AKB72914052, AKB72914053, AKB72914276,
AKB72915244, AKB73275606, 22LK330, 22LV2530,
26LK330, 26LV2530, 32LK330, 32LK450, 32LV2530, 32LV3300, 32LV355C,
42LK450, 42LV355C, 47LV3500, 47LV355C, 55LV355H, 47LC452C, AKB72915244,
A47LW5700, 22LE5300 , 26LD350, 26LE5300, 32LD350, 32LD450, 32LE5300, 37LD450,
37LE5300, 42LD450, 42LD520, 47LD450, 47LD520, 55LD520, 55LD650, 42LD450-UA, 19LD350, 22LD350, 32LD350-UB, 19LD350UB, 22LD350UB, 22LE5300UE, 26LD350CUA, 26LD350UB, 26LE5300UE, 32LD450UA, 32LD520, 55LD630, 55LE5300
100% complies with remote control AKB72914050 and AKB72914053.

Also Suitable for AKB72915244, AKB73275606, 50PZ550, 60PZ550,
50VP450 TV, 60PV450 TV, 50PV450 TV, 50V450 TV, 50V450C TV, 50VP450C TV,
60PV450C TV